Nighthawk is a shielded wallet for Zcash with support for sending & receiving transactions & memos.

Using Zcash is just like carrying cash in your wallet

BTC transactions on the other hand, are like carrying cash in a transparent jar hanging around your neck.

Nighthawk is powered by ECC reference mobile wallets

The source code is open and constantly improving with updates. ECC supports Zcash through research and development, engineering, partnerships and regulatory efforts.

Nighthawk is a light-wallet

Using Nighthawk requires trust in the lightwalletd server(that stores the Zcash blockchain) to display accurate transaction information.

Nighthawk is a non-custodial wallet for Zcash

You have sole responsibility over their funds stored on Nighthawk. Please immediately and securely backup the seed words upon creating a wallet.

Custom lightwalletd server in Android

You can change the default lightwalletd server on Android!

Need Help?

Please connect with us via Twitter, or Protonmail.